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Your Production Coordinator in Maldives
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The Largest Production Coordinator in Maldives

We are a professional, experienced and detail-oriented team that strives to fulfill a client’s requirements and hopes – for any event – by setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

About Us

We are passionate about what we do.

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Our Services

We are with you all the way. Let’s not be limited to anything.

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Why Maldives

Heaven on earth ... you got to see it yourselves.

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Why Blue N White

We are your partner. Taking care of you is our business.

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Highlights of our services

From locations to people, from materials to professional workmanship, from over water to underwater, we got it all stretched within your limits.
Our location scouting team will guide you to the locations of your choice and if needed, ours as well. We will also suggest you as many options available in Maldives, we do have our own location library as well.
Filming Permits / Importing equipment & goods
If you are planning to shoot your film or commercial or your video project anywhere in Maldives, we can organize filming permits and import permits as well. We will guide you to obtain all permissions and formalities.
Maldives, heaven on earth with picturesque locations, the very different geographical region gives documentary filmmakers a perfect choice to film in Maldives, our professional team can provide you full production support while shooting in Maldives.
Maldives has got its very unique aerial pictures .Aerial photography is possible; our collaborated teams are always ready to take aerial shots as per your requirement.

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