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Why Maldives is an ideal location

Why Maldives is an ideal location

Natural Beauty, Beaches – white sands, blue turquoise waters
The already perfect settings with the palm-fringed white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and the year-round good weather al¬lows for film shootings without having to put too much effort into the set designing and production. Location-wise Maldives is blessed with the beauty of nature at its best. The pristine white beaches surrounded by turquoise water has made even the hero and heroine’s stroll across the beach perfect over and over in every film without fail.

Tropical trees, wild, untamed, natural.
The tropical greenery growing wild in the local islands with the surrounding beaches also makes a beautiful set for interesting shoots.

Resorts – modern luxury meets natural paradise
Resorts are the top choice when the set requires the perfect blend of nature and modern luxury. Beautiful architecture in a breathtaking slice of paradise

Underwater, tropical fish, brilliant colors, beautiful blue ocean.
Underwater, the brilliant burst of colors in the crystal clear waters is unmatched.

Culture, history, simple life, unusual & unique settings
Cultural and unusual backdrops can be found when exploring begins in the many islands of Maldives and we have more than a thousand for you to choose from.

Maldives has a tropical climate with an Average temp of 30 deg C throughout the year. Although Temperatures fluctuate between a minimum 23C and a maximum of 32C, the thermometer normally hovers around the 30C mark. The cooling breeze blowing from the seas makes the hottest day so pleasant on the beach that even those of us who are used to it never ceases to be moved by its sheer magic.

Maldives being tucked away quietly in the Indi¬an Ocean offers privacy. This is an important factor if the shoot involves high-profile acting talent or confidentiality.

India’s proximity to Maldives will bring down the production cost significantly mainly in terms of transportation for the team and equipment.

Maldivian communities are welcom¬ing towards international parties working in Mal¬dives and are eager to extend their support.

Due to the unique nature of how Maldives is geographi¬cally dispersed, seeking the assistance of a local partner could bring about even greater convenience and local knowledge especially in the coordination of logistics and may very well be vital for making the project a success.

Incentives by the Government
Depending on the scale of the project, we can always request the government on incentives which they can provide. Nothing is stated as such at this point.

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